A one week turnaround took the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Kompetition from across the pond -- back to North America for DreamHack Montreal! The travel seemed to shake things up as another fresh name was etched in the list of 2019 tournament winners!

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Ninjakilla_212 had to face down the demon who beat him twice at CEO 2019 earlier this year. That was the only other offline title won by Evo World Champion SonicFox, but history wasn't weighing on Ninjakilla! He used Krushing Blows to devastating effect, keeping cool under hit-or-miss pressure against D'Vorah, and dominating Jax!

It's the second tournament in a row to see SonicFox unstuck in the final by a skilled Liu Kang player, but it hasn't been all one way! The prior week's Celtic Throwdown winner Rewind found himself bundled out of the second chance Loser's Bracket early by SonicFox in a 2-1 grudge match.

Ninjakilla_212's title win bolsters his place in the Top 16 League Ranks, but he remains 60pts behind Rewind, who did enough at equal ninth to remain in the Top 8. Strong finishes for Deoxys, Kevoxreborn, Dragon, and Hayatei keep familiar names in the upper ranks. Check out the final points scorers below and the latest league rank update!

DreamHack Montreal Top 16 Finalists & Points Scorers:
#1 NinjaKilla_212 (Liu Kang)
#2 SonicFox (D'Vorah, Jax, Cassie Cage)
#3 Deoxys (Geras)
#4 Kevoxreborn (Sonya Blade, Jacqui Briggs, Kung Lao, Scorpion)
#5 GunShow (Jax)
#5 Dragon (Cetrion, Kitana)
#7 DizzyTT (Sonya Blade, Liu Kang)
#7 Hayatei (Erron Black)
#9 A F0xy Grampa (Shang Tsung, Kung Lao)
#9 Scar (Sonya Blade, Scorpion, Kung Lao)
#9 Grr (Geras)
#9 Rewind (Liu Kang)
#13 DJT (Baraka, Geras)
#13 Phoenix (Scorpion)
#13 HoneyBee (Cassie Cage, Noob Saibot)
#13 Coach Steve (Jacqui Briggs)
#17 Semiij
#17 BeyondToxin
#17 Sooneo
#17 KingGambler
#17 Daddy
#17 Ludi
#17 BigD
#17 Tweedy
#25 Station
#25 TheMightyUnjust
#25 Biohazard
#25 ForeverKing
#25 Curbolicious
#25 Nivek
#25 Jer
#25 FluxWaveZ

A podium finish for Deoxys thrust him into the top half, trailing Hayatei who narrowly secured his fifth place. Kevoxreborn's second Top 8 finish for the year reinserted him back into the hunt. DJT notably did enough to keep his guardianship of the 16th rung, keeping Grr and VideoGamezYo at bay with only two more North American Premier Events left in 2019!

Pro Kompetition: Top 16 Series Rankings:
#1 SonicFox (1810pts)
#2 Dragon (1285pts)
#3 A F0xy Grampa (1040pts)
#4 Tekken Master (820pts)
#5 Hayatei (730pts)
#6 Deoxys (695pts)
#7 Rewind (660pts)
#8 Tweedy (640pts)
#9 Ninjakilla_212 (600pts)
#10 Scar (555pts)
#11 DizzyTT (480pts)
#12 Semiij (415pts)
#13 Kevoxreborn (330pts)
#14 Kombat (325pts)
#15 Big D (240pts)
#16 DJT (215pts)

The third online tournament of the year will open competition up to Europe next week, September 14th. Then the Pro Kompetition goes to Sao Paulo for a recently added Premier stop at the Brasil Game Show on October 12th-13th! Follow Pro Kompetition progress on MK Online and share your reactions below in the comments and Toasty thumbs up! Find more discussion on the Gameplay & Matchmaking and Mortal Kombat 11 forum!