The competitive viability of Mortal Kombat has undergone massive improvements over the two most recent generations. Mortal Kombat X introduces a new world of tournament calibre possibilities and system to master. Veterans Ketchup & Mustard want to help you master all available techniques in their tutorial series: From Casual to Competitive.

The second instalment begins the adventure into the multi-faceted gameplay system of Mortal Kombat X, exploring the benefits of The Meter System. The system introduces a variety of offensive and defensive techniques, such as move enhancements, armour, breakers and x-ray attacks. You will also learn more about the Stamina Meter and how it can be utilized in a variety of ways, including running, dashing and stage interaction.

Players interested in picking up some tips and tricks can look out for useful strategy notes involving Scorpion, Ferra/Torr, Cassie Cage & Shinnok. Learn more in Episode 1: Finding Your Character.

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