How Mortal Kombat is gonna make a comeback.
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How Mortal Kombat is gonna make a comeback.
03/28/2021 02:52 PM EDT

Check it out yo, Mortal Kombat is my favorite game but i stopped playing because i couldnt fight. mortal kombat 1 was very good no problem. mortal kombat 2 is very good no problem mortal kombat 3 is very good no problem, it stopped when mortal kombat 4 came out. like the casino, lost everything. skip the other mortal kombats they failed until mortal kombat 2011, that game had great graphics

the fighting was a fail. whoever created the fighting engine for mortal kombat 2011 failed. now i know u dont want to repeat!! have to or your making mortal kombat pieces of **** and i dont want that. mortal kombat x... fail mortal kombat 2011 was a fail (Fighting wise) Now scorpion look great on mk1, mk2, not mk3, not ultimate 3, you see whoever made MK1, MK2, AND MK3 put mortal kombat on the Map!! now for new mortal kombat since we know what's up now. for your next mortal kombat make plenty of characters, then make great graphics like MK11, Here it is... make a great fighting engine. I'm talking about beat each other senselessly with excessive combos, when u uppercut the opponent they are behind the energy bar, (up there) im talkin about sub-zero "MK3" HIS COMBO simutaneuosly going while Cyrax combo "going on both "at the same time" Krazy! like the maximum damage you two are combo'ing the heck outta each other its euphoria!! and the of course the finish him part brutality . im a fan of mortal kombat but i cant handle the fatalities you guys have. the blood is fine. no fatalities i know they will love a i dont know the name of it but, Two characters (great graphics) " fighting consisting of simultaneous combos" its stupid Krazy fun. thats all I got so recap! Mortal Kombat 11: keep up the good work with the graphics: (New) Simultaneous Combo Fighting: you both fight each with 6 hit combos like the mk3 sub-zero his 6 hit combo at the same time cyrax's 7 hit combo it's MAYHEM!! If you read this and you make it. After a sick preview Mortal Kombat will make a Komeback mortal kombat trilogy's 1 button combos...put that in the mortal kombat future games fighting engine the 1 button combos for both players that a way you can do the combos without excessive studing . I

I have explained the tumor to titan of the Mortal Kombat. im born in 1983... I see. Please find a way to get this on the game. the fighting engine needs a facelift and with that said Nothing else can prepare you. I am Sans... Later

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