The rivalry has been rekindled ahead of a second season of Electronic Sports League tournament action! The North American Mortal Kombat X Pre-Season Cup came down to a finals pairing familiar to anyone who's followed the MK scene since 2011: 2015 Evo World Champion SonicFox5000 besting 2011/2012 champ PerfectLegend in the online final!

It was a massive turn out for the online tournament, contested over a nearly full 256 fighter bracket! Like all good tournaments, it was do-or-die single elimination, with the final winner claiming a $250 purse. Here's the full rundown:

R1: Sirius Jones received a bye
R1: EMPR Death d. iTz the Badger
R1: Chris.f d. FOREVERK00L
R1: cb3 d. Savai007
R1: Fri3d Frid4y received a bye
R1: Skate Nachos d. ReichdesWolfes
R1: DsV Kayy9 d. SOULWARRIOR 71K
R1: WeRiseToFall receive a bye
R1: Jimmy received a bye
R1: xX Zack 39 Xx d. Konvict
R1: Beyond Toxin d. jokerking04
R1: xLTMx Serenity d. ZID3l
R1: Happy Bullets d. dandemy51
R1: israel d. Cerebru
R1: PerfectLegend d. JRosa
R1: Pig of the Hut received a bye
R1: ADeeeee received a bye
R1: OBS Trepound d. diamondweapon
R1: DarthxXxRambo d. xADHDxBLACKFIRE
R1: BlackMambaJohn d. Celeb
R1: F3.Sleep received a bye
R1: SavageScoob d. ChamberX
R1: The Wizard d. Pumpumraider
R1: Joey101 received a bye
R1: XxTorn FleshxX received a bye
R1: BlindSuckyDucky d. Bad Boy Brazil
R1: killaklown13 received a bye
R1: Digit d. Kingboss
R1: Solar Prophet d. TheDevilsScion
R1: zodiac d. NegativeEdge
R1: Mk AcTiVe received a bye
R1: VwS Agent received a bye
R1: Carbon d. Jboogie607
R1: Louaista d. SupermanGUY
R1: Jakealo d. DanielRips
R1: xReapaKing received a bye
R1: roosTa d. TheInhumanTorch
R1: PLAYING TO WIN d. C88 Krizbe
R1: eD2eZ received a bye
R1: Mr GrayHam received a bye
R1: takgillo d. DESTINED4Legend
R1: STB Shujinkydink d. sinister
R1: Mrfinesse28 d. SlingshoT
R1: Downfourality d. MPII The Ronin
R1: cR_WhiteBoi d. GearsOfWarManic
R1: RM JagoBlake d. BigDaddySenpai
R1: Unforgiven0420 received a bye
R1: Frudurs received a bye
R1: KineTiX d. Isaac
R1: NikkoVee d. Tricky Richi
R1: Predaatorrr d. Letsgetacid
R1: Pygmy Potato d. iB Flexxin
R1: The Magician d. Pleasa
R1: sistin d. ChadMooney
R1: Resistance received a bye
R1: dghost received a bye
R1: theMaktastik d. JG 712 305 J95
R1: mufn button received a bye
R1: SenorAbram d. King Cash
R1: STB Karl Malone d. RokuuXBL
R1: Hybrid d. ItsNewsham
R1: Marklazerbeam received a bye
R1: provust received a bye
R1: Sarren d. Logo
R1: Bohon d. Imblackjames
R1: CD JR d. Insignis
R1: Nauj received a bye
R1: IBreakEmOffI d. AfterTheFire
R1: SupremeSOUL d. AkumaSODMG
R1: Dresses received a bye
R1: STB Kompeteitor received a bye
R1: doohoo d. PizzaMasta
R1: IAmThePhoenix d. J-Mack
R1: BluJay512 d. oDAlc
R1: xTSwaYz d. PurePlayaz2002
R1: Beyond_Sicarios d. CiderTime
R1: No x EmotionZ d. glguju63091
R1: NEPHEW84 received a bye
R1: GT Edguy received a bye
R1: Slayeredhat d. SupremeBAAM
R1: xADHDx pikluu d. Ralstanley
R1: minijuanito10 d. Crazyguy4
R1: UA Scar d. gallan
R1: Red Raiden d. HighFibble
R1: Skkittles d. Crimzon-ET
R1: Kryo received a bye
R1: KOREYTHEDRAGON received a bye
R1: SylverRye d. basic
R1: BigJGleez d. Noobe
R1: Retro Spawn received a bye
R1: DestroyerGod77 d. MK Aristocrat
R1: xPWWxKILLSTREAK d. Capatan Azn Man
R1: Strvo d. bah23
R1: TheOnlyGoonie received a bye
R1: Crawlingshadow received a bye
R1: Illaguila d. Thacheeks
R1: shady2314 d. ROCKYjays
R1: l WetWorK l d. Catnip_Her0
R1: MU Juan received a bye
R1: ChampRow d. joe
R1: Brandon d. D-Que Beats
R1: RisenRen received a bye
R1: MrSloth420 received a bye
R1: Discharged d. Jony
R1: LlElGlAlClY d. kai gates7x
R1: Danny received a bye
R1: nK Omen d. NinjaCW
R1: CT-Dom d. STB AqueousEcho
R1: MKW Sonya Blade d. MARINE
R1: Metal Bender received a bye
R1: Extendos_Only received a bye
R1: AdventureBallz d. Leviathan
R1: Bloodlust d. Dark KILLFox
R1: varietize d. Chase_Stadtfeld
R1: Winchesterx d. PK Aurora
R1: Dragon d. GrimTG
R1: cR WoundCowboy d. C88 Chillin
R1: iamchiino received a bye
R1: MAZ received a bye
R1: F3.alucarD d. Dirk
R1: SonicFox5000 d. xlThalionlx
R1: In 2016 received a bye
R1: killadilla444 d. Floe
R1: SlipperPickle d. LoneLegend
R1: BeardedJonin d. Baakery
R1: SM StarGazer received a bye
R2: EMPR Death d. Sirius Jones
R2: Chris.f d. cb3
R2: Skate Nachos d. Fri3d Frid4y
R2: DsV Kayy9 d. WeRiseToFall
R2: xX Zack 39 Xx d. jimmy
R2: Beyond Toxin d. xLTMx Sereity
R2: israel d. Happy Bullets
R2: PerfectLegend d. Pig of the Hut
R2: OBS Trepound d. Adeeeee
R2: BlackMambaJohn d. DarthxXxRambo
R2: F3.Sleep d. SavageScoob
R2: The Wizard d. Joey101
R2: DARKLIGHT19 d. XxTorn FleshxX
R2: BlindSuckyDucky d. killaklown13
R2: Solar Prophet d. Digit
R2: MK AkTiVe d. zodiac
R2: Carbon d. VwS Agent
R2: Jakealo d. Louaista
R2: roosTa d. xReapaKing
R2: takgillo d. Mr GrayHam
R2: STB Shujinkydink d. Mrfinesse28
R2: cR_WhiteBoi d. Downfourality
R2: RM JagoBlake d. Unforgiven0420
R2: KineTiX d. Frudurs
R2: Predaatorrr d. NikkoVee
R2: The Magician d. Pygmy Potato
R2: sistin d. Resistance
R2: theMaktastik d. dghost
R2: IMMORTAL ANGEL d. mufn button
R2: SenorAbram d. STB Karl Malone
R2: Hybrid d. Marklazerbeam
R2: provust d. Sarren
R2: Bohon d. CD JR
R2: IBreakEmOffI d. Nauj
R2: Dresses d. SupremeSOUL
R2: STB Kompetitor d. doohoo
R2: BluJay512 d. IAmThePhoenix
R2: Beyond_Sicarios d. xTSwaYz
R2: No x EmotionZ d. NEPHEW84
R2: Slayeredhat d. GT Edguy
R2: xADHDx pikluu d. minijuanito10
R2: UA Scar d. Red Raiden
R2: Skkittles d. Kryo
R2: Retro Spawn d. BigJGleez
R2: xPWWxKILLSTREAK d. DestroyerGod777
R2: Strvo d. TheOnlyGoonie
R2: CrawlingShadow d. Illaguila
R2: shady2314 d. i WetWorK i
R2: ChampRow d. MU Juan
R2: Brandon d. RisenRen
R2: MrSloth420 d. Discharged
R2: Danny d. LlElGlAlClY
R2: nK Omen d. CT-Dom
R2: MKW Sonya Blade d. Metal Bender
R2: AdventureBallz d. Extendos_Only
R2: Bloodlust d. varietize
R2: Dragon d. Winchesterx
R2: cR WoundCowboy d. iamchiino
R2: F3.alucarD d. MAZ
R2: SonicFox5000 d. In 2016
R2: SlipperyPickle d. killdailla444
R2: SM StarGazer d. BeardedJonin

R3: EMPR Death d. Chris.f
R3: DsV Kayy9 d. Skate Nachos
R3: Beyond Toxin d. xX Zack 39 Xx
R3: PerfectLegend d. israel
R3: OBS Trepound d. BlackMambaJohn
R3: The Wizard d. F3.Sleep
R3: BlindSuckyDucky d. DARKLIGHT 19
R3: MK AkTiVe d. Solar Prophet
R3: Jakealo d. Carbon
R3: PLAYING TO WIN d. roosTa
R3: STB Shujinkydink d. takgillo
R3: cR_WhiteBoi d. RM JagoBlake
R3: Predaatorrr d. KineTiX
R3: The Magician d. sistin
R3: IMMORTAL ANGEL d. theMakastik
R3: SenorAbram d. Hybrid
R3: Dresses d. IBreakEmOffI
R3: BluJay512 d. STB Kompetitor
R3: No x EmorionZ d. Beyond_Sicarios
R3: Slayeredhat d. xADHDx pikluu
R3: UA Scar d. Skkittles
R3: Crawlingshadow d. shady2314
R3: ChampRow d. Brandon
R3: Danny d. MrSloth420
R3: nK Omen d. MKW Sonya Blade
R3: Bloodlust d. AdventureBallz
R3: cR WoundCowboy d. Dragon
R3: SonicFox5000 d. F3.alucarD
R3: SlipperyPickle d. sM StarGazer

R4: EMPR Death d. DsV Kayy9
R4: PerfectLegend d. Beyond Toxin
R4: OBS Trepound d. The Wizard
R4: MK AkTiVe d. BlindSuckyDucky
R4: Jakealo d. PLAYING TO WIN
R4: cR_WhiteBoi d. STB Shujinkydink
R4: The Magician d. Predaatorrr
R4: IMMORTAL ANGEL d. SenorAbram
R4: BluJay512 d. No x EmotionZ
R4: UA Scar d. Slayeredhat
R4: CrawlingShadow d. ChampRow
R4: Danny d. nK Omen
R4: cR WoundCowboy d. Bloodlust
R4: SonicFox5000 d. SlipperPickle

R5: PerfectLegend d. EMPR Death
R5: OBS Trepound d. MK AkTiVe
R5: Jakealo d. cR_WhiteBoi
R5: IMMORTAL ANGEL d. The Magician
R5: Dresses d. BluJay512
R5: CrawlingShadow d. Danny
R5: SonicFox5000 d. cR WoundCowboy

QF: PerfectLegend d. OBS Trepound
QF: UA Scar d. Dresses
QF: SonicFox5000 d. CrawlingShadow
SF: PerfectLegend d. IMMORTAL ANGEL
SF: SonicFox5000 d. UA Scar

Final: SonicFox5000 d. PerfectLegend

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