Need help in setting up the frame traps in MKX
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Need help in setting up the frame traps in MKX
06/23/2020 04:18 AM EDT

Hi, i am fairly new to the fighting games few months ago i got Mkx and loving it so far before moving on to mk11 i want to nail down a few concepts.

Recently learnt run cancels but still stuck on how to setup a FRAME TRAP when i pick up a new character.

I main Sub zero cryomancer. I also have fairly good understanding of frame data. Online videos from Ketchup and Mustard (casual to competitive) have helped me to establish a strong base.

Trying to learn Kotal Kahn war god. I went through his frame data and he has some good moves which are highly Plus on block and hit. Just cant understand how a basic frame trap structure would look like.

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