Fans who've ordered the limited edition version of Mortal Kombat X can look forward to a GameStop exclusive download of Kold War Scorpion. The new trailer shows this fan created design in action:

Kold War Scorpion is the work of MKOmmunity artist fear-sas, whose unique painted visions took the web by storm during Mortal Kombat X's development. See his original design artwork in a previous feature.

Other DLC bonuses include a Kollector's Edition Gold Scorpion designed by Coarse [full story], and the universal pre-order bonus: Goro. Future download skins include the Samurai Pack and 4 extra characters in The Kombat Pack.

Fans can gain $5 toward the purchase of Mortal Kombat X when they trade-in any PS4 or Xbox One game while purchasing at GameStop. Visit GameStop for details.

When bonuses are location limited, it's not a bad idea to play with high concept alternatives for iconic characters. Something seems to have been lost in translation in Kold War Scorpion, though. Even the artwork shown at the end of the trailer differs significantly from the mask-centric playable skin. Character-driven designs are preferred, but this undermines the concept. The seemingly permanently over lit mask is a bit of let down, as well.

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