Fans looking to reignite old hostilities can do so with the Mortal Kombat X Kold War Pack! The downloadable skins pack features three Soviet inspired alternate attires: Revolution Kano, Tundra Sub-Zero & Motherland Sonya. You can find the pack in US online stores for $3.99, or Russian online for 207,00 р (Rubles).

The Mortal Kombat X Kold War theme began with Scorpion -- a GameStop Pre-Order exclusive designed by fan artist fear-sAs [full story]. The concept borrows from DC Comics' Elseworlds story Superman: Red Son - which NetherRealm utilized in their work on Injustice: Gods Among Us [full story]

More nationally inclined costumes are coming soon in the Brazil Skin Pack. Klassic Reptile was recently released free with a patch update, with more Klassic Skins coming as part of The Kombat Pack.

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