Developers who play together - stay together. So the team at Techland probably didn't need to apologize when they were caught with blood red hands playing Mortal Kombat X!

As picked up by Kotaku; the Xbox Reddit community noticed Dying Light racking up achievements in the 2015 fighter. They soon explained: "We forgot to log-out. We end up playing it. Had a blast. Sorry for the confusion."

Dying Light was a 2015 survival horror game published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment. According to the Polish developers, the Sound Team won their Mortal Kombat session. NetherRealm Studios had some fun with it, congratulating the victors.

It's not the first time we've seen the Warner Brothers stable enjoying each other's company. NetherRealm paid tribute to Avalanche Studios when they published Mad Max. The love-in between NRS and Batman developers Rocksteady Studios gave us Scorpion cosplay and Cake Watch 2015.

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