They made a massive impact on debut during the Sony E3 Press Conference Launch - immediately inspiring comparisons to another certain pop culture character. Now the brutal fighting tandem known as Ferra/Torr are taking the Character Variation spotlight - revealing the strengths and weaknesses of their Mortal Kombat X playstyles according to the developer themselves!

So far we've seen infographics for D'Vorah, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Kano & Quan Chi. Each spotlight explains the unique strengths and weaknesses of the Character Variation system - an innovation that reinvents each fighter to create specialist match-ups between individual player styles. Visual differences make variation identification a snap as evidenced when all three are compared!

Ruthless: Ruthless Ferra/Torr trades pain for power. By stabbing her blades into Torr's back, Ferra spurs the brute on, increasing his damage output. This variation is all about balancing risk against reward and is excellent for rush downs.

Vicious: The Vicious Variation sees Ferra turned into a living weapon with her increased damage. Torr uses the Boss Toss to hurl Ferra across the arena, while Ferra gains the Little Kutter interactive grab. The combination turns Ferra/Torr into a hybrid of brawler and zoner, with options of attacking from any range.

Lackey: In the Lackey Variation, an enhanced Torr does the heavy lifting by himself. With Ferra cheering safely from the sidelines, the brute is free to hurl himself recklessly into battle, becoming an in-your-face rush down brawler with deadly close range attacks.

Mortal Kombat X doesn't arrive until Q2 2015 -- but Ferra/Torr have already begun to inspire a cult following with their vivid concept and brutal presentation! Check out the Top 10 Mortal Kombat Horror Icons for more on what's already disturbing us about MK's newest power couple! Stay tuned in the coming days for the remaining Character Variations.

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