With Gamescom 2014 just days away - NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon has helmed a new character preview trailer starring Kano! The latest European timed exclusive comes courtesy of Eurogamer and features the klassic warrior first revealed by GamePro Magazine!

There's a lot to be excited about in this latest reveal, which tells us a lot, and shows a little bit more! The trailer offers a decidedly more aged and mechanically upgraded version of Kano than appeared pictured in German GamePro [full story], suggesting the first concrete example of how Mortal Kombat X will adapt fighters across its 25 year story mode.

Like the Raiden trailer before it - Kano's Boon narrated feature highlights the Character Variation system that dictates fighting styles for all the fighters. Cutthroat (Enhanced Kombos), Cybernetic (Long Range Zoning) & Commando (Grappling Counters).

Kano's variations show exciting versatility from the Black Dragon villain, with excellent sharing between the trademark attacks he's utilized in the past. The Cutthroat style utilizes new focus on the bandolier cybernetic heart reactor that recalls Killer Instinct's Fulgore and his overclocking gimmick. Cybernetic shows strong aerial attack and defense with prominent use of cybernetic eye lasers and more. Commando shows a brutal grappling style with knife fighting giving the style a suitably brutal edge. These styles also come with varied glowing colors in Kano's vastly upgraded cybernetics -- an organic visual alteration.

Kano's evolved appearance isn't the only new element on offer. A rumoured Jungle arena is finally on show, with backstory adding to the tradition of mythology that lies behind most Mortal Kombat stages. Located in Outworld, it hints both at an unaccounted for race -- and also the continued significance of Outworld to the main plot. As to who this forgotten race is -- it conjures the likes of Reptile, but we wouldn't want to assume anything this early! For all we know, it could be volatile insects who once called this jungle home.

"We take the fight to the jungle - ancient ruins overgrown with wilderness that was once home to a now forgotten Outworld race."

Kano battles newcomer D'Vorah in the trailer. She and Sub-Zero have featured recently in graphic break downs of their own three-mode Character Variations. Both were featured during Sony E3 launch presentations in June [full story].

Mortal Kombat Online had high hopes for a character like Kano. We're thrilled with what has eventuated. The aged version recalls 1995's character-defining film performance by the late Trevor Goddard, with exactly the kind of cybernetic accoutrement we would hope for from a 25 year time leap! The stylistic tones of camouflage pants and a bare chest are quite understated for Mortal Kombat -- a welcome naturalistic shift with just the right blend of Mad Max tinged future grunge to make use of the new direction.

Fans within the MKOmmunity have already been energized by this exciting pre-Gamescom reveal. Do you think this is it for the German trade fair cycle? Do you like what you see? Register to immortalize your thoughts on the Mortal Kombat X forum!