UK magazine GamesMaster is touting a major Mortal Kombat X "world exclusive" reveal coming in the next issue! Headlining the cover story is a new character reveal, as well as the first details regarding the mysterious persistent Online Mode!

Sub-Zero makes the cover - on sale January 2nd, 2015!

We've got special treat for you today - a sneak peek at next month's cover! We've braved the Chicago cold to visit NetherRealm Studios for a WORLD EXCLUSIVE (caps very much necessary) look at Mortal Kombat X.

When the mag goes on-sale on 2 Jan it'll be the first place that you can find out about the latest character to be revealed, the innovative new online modes, and our hands-on impressions after several hours of playing the game. We've also got in-depth interviews with a number of the dev team, making this the place to go for all your MK coverage.

We hope you're excited to get your hands on this goodness when the mag hits, and that in the meantime you think Sub-Zero looks - wait for it - super cool on the cover.

The new character will end a two month holiday drought, delivering the first reveal since October's Quan Chi trailer. The new character will be the eleventh confirmed, including downloadable pre-order bonus: Goro.

Digital copies can be purchased with subscriptions through Google Newsstand and Apple iTunes. Follow GamesMaster on Facebook for upcoming previews.

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