After a week of news making in Los Angeles for the unveiling of Injustice 2; Mortal Kombat X Creative Director Ed Boon is drawing eyes back to the home team with a hint of news upcoming!

Today's tweet promises Mortal Kombat X news with the unsubtle capitalization of three letters: EVO.

Fandom being what it is: the teaser will quickly prompt speculation over an announcement of new downloadable content for the annual July event. The fires of fantasy were stoked as recently as May, when Boon himself polled fans on NetherRealm's prospective next project. The MK-centric survey returned support for a third Kombat Pack, even though Mortal Kombat XL wrapped in March.

Expectations may be better served by anticipating news regarding the tournament major - rather than taking place at it.

An Injustice demonstration is relatively likely, presenting a reason for Boon to try to attract attention back to MKX with the tenuous practice of pre-hype hype. MKXL is already under fire from internal competition. A typically fickle fanbase is showing wavering signs of short attention spans amidst anticipation for the 2017 DC sequel.

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Brothers recently reaffirmed their dedication to the tournament scene with a $10,000 prize pot for next week [full story]. This follows a massive $500,000 put behind ESL Season 3 Finals. Competitive play of their games has been an on-going priority since re-establishing a foothold in 2011.

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Update: True to form; Ed Boon has followed his initial tease just two hours later with confirmation that the studio and Warner Brothers will pitch in $50,000 to the Mortal Kombat XL 2016 Evo winnings.

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