Series co-creator and on-going Creative Director Ed Boon narrates a new Mortal Kombat X preview trailer from Machinima. New details emerge in the clip - featuring Raiden.

With emphasis on the new Character Variation system, much of the video revisits territory covered in Evo's live Raiden Reveal Trailer. Boon walks through each of Raiden's electrifying fight styles: Thunder God (Electrocution Kombos), Displacer (Teleportation) & Storm Lord (Lightning Traps).

More intriguing are the story details! Raiden faces newcomer Kotal Kahn - who for the first time is revealed to be the new Emperor of Outworld! Less revelatory, but refreshingly decisive, is the continuing predicament of Mortal Kombat (2011), which left many of the series' iconic fighters dead and in the infernal service of Quan Chi.

"In MKX, Raiden finds himself with many of his allies dead or gone. Leaving him to face Kotal Kahn: a new Emperor who has taken over Outworld."

Despite the sprawling twenty-five year timeline of Mortal Kombat X - it's clear klassic fighters will still find a place in the 2015 sequel. MK original Kano is confirmed to feature in screenshots pictured in the latest issue of GamePro Magazine Germany.

Germany will be on our minds throughout August as we gear up for NetherRealm Studios' next promotional stop: Gamescom 2014! The annual trade fair is just over a week away and promises to show more from the hotly anticipated fighter!

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