Gameplay has been the top order since Mortal Kombat X launched its E3 campaign during the preview day Sony Press Event. For all the stream monsters, Twitch.TV's E3Live stream offers a fresh glimpse at all the playable new characters - including Cassie Cage, Ferra/Torr & Kotal Kahn!

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The streaming demo is now archived [embedded above]. Fans looking to get straight to the Mortal Kombat X action will want to skip approximately to the 4hrs 51mins mark in the video. It's there that Creative Director Ed Boon defied time and space to appear live on the stream with NetherRealm's Paulo Garcia & Tyler Lansdown!

The demo shows of Cassie Cage's unique combination of Sonya inspired Special Forces attacks (guns, airstrike), as well as the enhanced shadow moves of her pop Johnny Cage. The young fighter brings levity to the gruesome fatality finishers, rubbing bubblegum in her opponent's wound for a blood-filled bubble burst.

Kotal Kahn shows off his Aztec inspired god fighting, as well. His style has an emphasis on powerful grappling, with variations offering different energy attacks or sword options. His fatality made a splash during the Sony Press Conference trailer - a sacrificial style removal of the heart, from which Kahn drinks. Mmm, toasty.

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