No, not that John Edwards. Not that one, either! NetherRealm Studios Lead Designer John Edwards was on the floor at E3 to talk Mortal Kombat X: the freshly revealed 2015 fighter coming to Sony & Microsoft platforms (and PC).

The Lead Designer tackled serious subjects in his chat with Gamespot, but after a long Expo, we welcome the levity of his short Q&A with A.V. Club!

Edwards played favorites for the light-hearted questioning, giving Kitana fans something to talk about -- even if the Edenian Princess doesn't find her way back to life in the new game. Whether it's a special one-button feature, or a high priced life-size statue, he's putting all his chips on blue!

The A.V. Club: If you had the power to add an extra button to the controller that served a single function specific to your game, what would it do?
I think what I’d do is—Kitana’s my favorite character, so I’d have a “summon Kitana” button for any character I’m playing. Anytime I hit the button, Kitana comes in and decapitates the guy immediately. I win. Everything’s good.

On a more serious and interesting track: the MKX Lead Designer talked up the "net positive" of games being released in early access. On the benefits of getting the game in players' hands, he notes: "... It allows us to get early feedback, so we’re not designing something in a bubble."

Top ranking tournament players have already been a part of NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat X development, continuing a strategy that helped maintain their Evo Championship status for a fourth consecutive year with Injustice: Gods Among Us [full story]. During an interview with fan-site TRMK; Creative Director Ed Boon noted the value of this high-level scrutiny, despite the relative minority of tournament fighting game players.

When it comes to solving glitches in the game -- beta testing isn't always necessary. A.V. Club asked Edwards about the "most fun" glitch to arise from the development cycle, learning fatalities were briefly available in-game in one of the easy problems to solve. We know there's a new "-ality" in the game [via Gamespot], but NetherRealm Producer Shaun Himmerick queried Mortal Kombat Online with this tantalizing doubt, "[W]ho said it was a finisher?" Could the glitch have inspired something new?

I think we had a glitch early where you could do a fatality in the middle of the match, so you don’t have to wait for the “Finish Him” to come up. So if you could pull that off, there was an immediate, “Okay, ‘Round 1, fight.’ Oh, you’re dead, immediately. Well, I guess we’re done. Round two. Oh, you’re dead immediately.”

Half Day? An early glitch had fatalities finishing matches early.

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