If you can't get enough of Mortal Kombat X at E3 - you're in luck! Series co-creator and MKX Creative Director Ed Boon revealed his ability to simulcast himself across two separate "live" streams -- appearing on Twitch.TV and IGN back-to-back! If you missed the later IGN demo, check out the archive below:

With so many outlets covering the same six-character demo build, we've seen a lot of what Mortal Kombat X has to offer (thus far). IGN's savvy references were able to give them a little edge in the coverage arms race. If you were one of the many identifying Ferra/Torr as a Mad Max inspired riff [see; Master Blaster] -- then this is the stream for you!

Along with many of the new tricks we've seen in the past two days; Boon elaborates further on the character variations and the impact those choices have. Not only will character attacks and basic style change -- but so will their appearance! Eagle-eyed players who noticed Sub-Zero's glowing mask, Scorpion's swords & hellfire, or Cassie Cage's glowing green hands will have identified the tell-tale signs of different variation modes!

"Unbreakable" Sub-Zero demonstrates one of the more stark changes in a character we've seen. Not only does he have a slightly peculiar bright, glowing mask, but his playstyle shows off a variety of "kori" based defensive techniques including an all-new ice shield!

Mortal Kombat X will appear in another live stream today (June 12)! Check the stream schedule for details. Register to share the entire live experience on the Mortal Kombat X forum!