The "Komplete Edition" disc release of Mortal Kombat XL may have come a mere four months ago, but that hasn't stopped a loud clamor from rabid Mortal Kombat fans hungry for more!

The seemingly endless apetite for content led to confusion this month, but according to the lead developer, there is still "big" Mortal kombat XL news coming sometime in the future.

Hints at an Evo announcement from series figurehead Ed Boon had many convincing themselves a major development was coming at the July tournament. The Creative Director cleared up the confusion [above], confirming NetherRealm "[n]ever planned it for EVO."

While some gaming sites capitalized on hopeful speculation -- fueling it in the process -- MK Online readers knew the tease was quickly followed by an Evo cash prize bonus. $50,000 awarded to 2016 Evo World Champion SonicFox, this passing weekend.

Boon himself contributed slightly to the speculative white noise, polling fans on a selection of characters who could use "buff" improvements to their gameplay. This follows previous post-game polls regarding; most missed kombat men, most missed female fighters, and NetherRealm's next project.

Sub-Zero took 35% of 9,268 votes, beating Kenshi (29%), Kitana (21%) and Kung Lao (15%) amongst standard playable characters. Tremor won a DLC character vote with of 9,017 responses, beating guest Jason Voorhees (25%), Bo' Rai Cho (24%) and Goro (20%).

It seems NetherRealm Studios is impervious to much of the suspicion and resentment that still dogs corporations like Capcom, whose repeated rereleases of Street Fighter have always been a notorious cycle.

As downloadable content channels become further ingrained in the game expereince, so too are consumers increasingly willing to extend play with micro purchases. Mortal Kombat X continued add-on characters and content to the most of any NetherRealm fighter, thus far. MKX also introduced in-game purchases for basic functions, such as fatalities [read more].

NetherRealm Studios are currently in development on a DC Comics fighting game sequel - Injustice 2. Ed Boon will be a panel guest to unveil two new characters this week at San Diego Comic-Con. A Mortal Kombat X webseries was announced in 2014, but has yet to be released [read more].

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