For some, the Kold War ended a long time ago. For players of Mortal Kombat X Mobile - it's just getting started! Kold War Sonya Blade has joined the free-to-play kard collecting game and can be unlocked by completing the campaign before the doomsday clock hits zero!

Unlocking Kold War Sonya means facing five tiers of motherland training: each consisting of 12 battles each, with the exception of the final 15 fight challenge! Tier 1 is strictly Bronze Kard komrades, Tier 2 & 3 promote you to Bronze & Silver skirmishes. You'll need a Martial Arts kard in your Tier 4 team, before Tier 5 puts you behind the knife of Kano to cut the Kold War tension!

You can unlock Motherland Sonya for consoles and PC by purchasing the Kold War Skins Pack. Theme original Kold War Scorpion was released to free downloads in July.

Check in-app for the most accurate reading of challenge time remaining. Kompleted the challenge? Register to bask in the spoils of war and find more MKX Mobile tips on the Mortal Kombat X forum!