What would you want Liu Kang to change/do in his timeline?
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What would you want Liu Kang to change/do in his timeline?
07/19/2020 04:33 PM EDT
07/19/2020 05:41 PM EDT

Would like to see how Cyrax and Sektor (with their real names, not LK-9T9 and LK-4D4) turn out if they weren't cyberized, although it was destined (not like in MK2011 but in more depth). In the far future i see the programme being terminated if a new Grandmaster steps up, to find different ways to operate as a clan (because of some of its past failures). Lin Kuei could then adopt a higher form of artificial intelligence (Triborgs) or go back to basics.

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RE: What would you want Liu Kang to change/do in his timeline?
07/22/2020 04:03 PM EDT

Honestly, I dont want the next game to focus on Liu Kang's new timeline. I'd like to assume that there is a timeline where Liu is able to get things right and keep things stable.

There are two routes I'd be cool with. First route, go back to the original timeline. Make it so this whole second timeline was an else world scenario, and show us how Armageddon really would have ended if it stuck with Taven being the winner.

Two, a completely new timeline with no reference or connection to the MK9-11 timelines. Maybe this could be Liu Kang's new timeline, but in a time period before or after any of the central conflicts of MK1-11.

What I'm getting at is, I dont want MK to keep relying on the prior games' plot beats for their plot. While it is cool that they keep bringing back old stuff, this also makes them prone to taking what wasn't broken and breaking it, while also failing to deliver on a lot of their setup for what's next.

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