The Johnny Cage Collection
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The Johnny Cage Collection
04/24/2015 10:44 AM EDT
Another idea for a solo game, where some of Johnny Cage's movies, like Ninja Mime, are turned into levels.

Johnny would be playing different characters in them, some with unique moves and abilities and in some of those movies, he'd even be the villain and you'd be playing as someone else. Not all of them would even have to be violent.

For the X-Box One version, there should be an extra movie or two featuring Killer Instinct's own actor, Spinal, in a movie he and Johnny co-starred in.

To conclude, there could be real-life levels exploring some events in Johnny's life, like an appearance in a Reality TV show such as Celebrity Smash TV (mentioned in Johnny's MK:DA Konquest mode), a fight with Spinal at the awards over the latter feeling robbed of an oscar, Johnny giving low blows to movie critics, etc.
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