Why is Kombat League such trash?
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Why is Kombat League such trash?
07/10/2020 03:57 PM EDT

First You have the player base. That legitimately picks 4 kharacters over and over. Scorpion, Noob Saibot, Kung Lao, Lui Kang. And some sprinkled between after those like NIightwolf, Erron Black, Cassie Cage. Such crap!

Hardly anyone wants to try others. Too afraid to hurt the precious kd and win streaks that they cheaply acquired.

I don't know why NRS makes such a diverse selection only for it to be whittled down to a few. It's enjoyable when I fight others because of hardly dealing with their tech very often.

Then theirs connections. Oh boy! Love the breaks between fluent gameplay with an already sweaty Lao or Scorpion.

There should be an option to pass Wi-Fi users if one plays wired. So sick of playing people with shotty Wi-Fi while they're looking up PornHub jacking it to MK Scorpion fetishes while their mom FaceTimes the aunty talking about essential oils. Ridiculous!

Anyways KL is rubbish and will never compare to LAN play in a million years. What a bust.

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RE: Why is Kombat League such trash?
07/12/2020 12:19 AM EDT

very true man.

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