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Which Guest characters
05/16/2020 03:13 PM EST

So I was thinking if their was a 2nd Kombat Pack there would be 3 more guest characters, Personally I am not a fan of guest characters but realised it is something that will happen regardless. So I was thinking who I would choose.
The only guest character I ever wanted was ash. so I decided on pennywise for the 2nd and thought for a while and realised The DC character Lobo would be a perfict fit and despite what I said before, I now would love to see him in the game

SO I was wondering if there was a Kombat pack 2, are there any guest characters you would like to see and which 3 would you pick for a kombat pack 2 (if there ands up being one)

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RE: Which Guest characters
05/22/2020 08:16 AM EST
05/26/2020 05:31 AM EST

I agree with you on not being a fan of guest characters in MK games, there hasn't been a single one I like yet. However, if I had to see some in MK 11 I'd want to see:

1. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider(Camilla Luddington): By far my first choice, I'd want to see the 2013, Rise, Shadow era of Lara, not the lame ass one from the 1990's and 2000's. Imagine the fatalities and fatal blows with the climbing hooks and bow/arrow.

2. Robert McCall from The Equalizer 1 & 2(Denzel Washington): Coolest non-superhero hero in a modern film. Dude can kill anyone with any object, including a book.

3. Riley North from Peppermint(Jennifer Garner): A mother/wife with nothing to lose. Brass knuckles and a blade for a fatal blow please.

4. John Wick(Keanu Reeves): also a cool Equalizer type character that I feel would fit in well in the MK universe. Give us a fatality with a pencil.

5. Selene from Underworld franchise(Kate Beckinsale): Nitara would be better, but also another cool action movie heroine.

Lastly, I love the Shenmue franchise more than anything in video games, so seeing Ryo Hazuki or Lan Di would be cool for me, but I don't feel they would fit into the MK universe well like the others listed above, though I'd still take them over any guest characters we've gotten so far from MK 9, X and 11.

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