The Forge is a Really Kool Idea.
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The Forge is a Really Kool Idea.
07/06/2021 07:28 PM EDT
07/06/2021 07:57 PM EDT

Imagine Spawning into the Krypt and it was a Multiplayer Server With a Bunch of Players already in it. But Instead of Opening Chest's you Had to do Quests, Run Group Dungeons To Level up your Character to get Gear Skins Key's Consumables. Then the Really Good Gear and Stuff would Have to be Crafted Threw Player Proffessions From a High Skilled Recepi Earned threw Grinding your Crafting Profession's to Max Skill Level and Getting Recepis From your Trainers and Rarer Recepi's from Rare Proffesion Quests Once somebody Made The Gear/Skin/Consumables They could Use it themselves or Trade it to other Players For a Reasonable World Price. The Professions would Be Tailoring/Blacksmithing/Leatherworking for Gear and Skins Then Engineering/Alchemist/Jewel Crafting for Consumables and all Your Gathering Techniques Would Be Mining and Smelting/Skinning/Herbing Everybody Would Be able to have First Aid/Cooking/Survival Proffessions But You Would Have to Choose only Gathering and One Crafting Profession. Also Just Looting Dropped items like Cloth for Tailoring, First Aid, Cooking and Survival Material's you could sell the Unneeded Materials to players to help them Level their Proffesions or sell them to a Merchant or Player Auction House. Some Items Need Require you to be at the Forge an Anvil a Leatherworking Bench Ect. To Craft That Particular Item The Recepi Will Tell You it's Requirements in The Proffession's Log.

A Krypt MMO World But when you Leave The Krypt it's Regular Old MK but the only way to Obtain Gear Skins Ect. is Threw Grinding out your Krypt level and Profession's. Also The Krypt would be a Pay 2 Play Subscription Cuz it Would Be a Huge MMO world No More MicroTransactions for just Buying your way to look good with Cosmetics The Gear would also have Stats For Ranked Matches But Player Matches Would all Be Defaulted Stats Like Soul Cal.

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