Test Your Luck Towers Tech Help Needed
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Test Your Luck Towers Tech Help Needed
07/21/2021 10:09 AM EDT

These towers do not work with Noob Saibot because during his uppercut he uses Dark Magic,same with his Ghostball which both are great when you have extra Dark Magic Level 4 augment. Some type of issue occurs that disables any move which uses Dark Magic, every 12 matches or so, randomly and just on the Luck towers. I would like to fix this because it is unfair that Skarlet can uppercut 100 percent of the time and I keep losing the million dollars everytime the problem arises. That is why I redid it 20,000 times to get the Rambo Luckality Level 4 which is where my ultimate problem came in because in order for Rambo to perform his Brutality, you must hold forward and press RB on Xbox. His guages are back, I took off the 2 blood augments that make his attacks unblockable by removing the guages, but the guage always remains full no matter when you press RB during Hidden M60, it is simply impossible to amplify Hidden M60, even for the A.I. bot which has no issue amplifying any move EXCEPT the move required to perform the main Brutality, Hidden M60. Mix it up is very helpful, so now I have a really aggravating slow death build I have to use, so I am dying to fix this Rambo somehow so I can use his Luckality 4, or figure out how to stop Noob from turning defenseless every once in awhile somehow.

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