Survival Saturday
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Survival Saturday Kasts


This is the popular Twitch series where Kombatants fight to the death to get this biggest streak in the King of the Hill lobby. This is not any ordinary KOTH, this is Survival KOTH. Your health carries over from match to match. You think you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Survivor?

Join our room "Survival Saturdays" at 7:30 PM EDT to join (Please note that KOTH at the moment does not support Kross play. Please check if we are playing on Playstation or Xbox to participate and we do alternate between platforms every season)

Rules of Survival Saturdays

1. 10 or more hits is a Kombo King

2. 5 hit brutality is how you get an Ultra Kombo

3. Fatalities, Brutalities, Mercies, Friendships, and Fatal Blows adds health to your next match (does not apply to non King Player)

4. If you lose during Survivor Rumble you must either leave or go afk in the lobby

5. Have fun

Winner of Season 5


Current Season Leaderboard

Episode 11.png

Killer Kuts by Redvard Dolański

Deadly Alliance Character Select Theme Remake

Deception Character Select Theme Remake

Subway Theme Remake

Puzzle Kombat Character Select Theme Remake

RMX: Red Man X (Season 5 Trailer Theme)

Reptile's Theme (Season 6 Trailer Theme)

Rewatch Old Episodes

  1. Survival Saturdays Season 3

  2. Survival Saturdays Season 4

  3. Survival Saturdays Season 5

  4. Survival Saturdays Season 6

There are no future date/times for this event
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