Survival Saturday has officially been given the green light to move to our MKO Twitch channel this coming Saturday, leaving it's beta state one show earlier than expected! It's a spiritual successor to our normal Fatal Friday program. Hosted by our very own Fatalkade, the hype factor on this show goes up an even bigger notch than Fatal Friday. The show is all about the players, and bragging rights!

It's a forced competitive Survivor King of the Hill, where your health carries over to your next match. This makes win streaks harder to earn, and makes the players work harder to achieve success while also creating more exciting moments on our competitive show. The highlight reel is gone, replaced by a "Player Spotlight" that focuses more on the player and who their main was, as well as their win streak. Like Fatal Friday, Survival Saturday is broken up into seasons. Season 1 is starting on XBOX ONE, with the current leader being MKUniverse with a streak of 8 wins! To join the competition, simply join the room titled "SURVIVAL SATURDAY" around 7 PM CST when it goes up to get invited to compete and test your might!

This new show has a much more 'esports' vibe, and is set to air this Saturday at at 8 PM CST. The schedule for Survival Saturday will be consistent with that of Fatal Friday, which airs every Friday at 8 PM CST. Be sure to catch the latest Fatal Friday, where TotalMK will be our special guest host! We're excited to continue bringing you fun and interactive ways to compete and show off your skills on MKO, and we assure you, there is much more coming soon!