Saved data damaged
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Saved data damaged
10/08/2020 07:12 AM EDT

ok so its geting really annoying now that everytime i logg on and try to play MK11 it says the same msg all the time and cannot do anything i.e..your saved character data is damaged go to settings or reload settings or you may loose the data on some things.

So i try to relaod it and it repeats the same msgs over and over again and i cannot do or play anything until i ignore the advice and then it says your data will be deleted if you click yes and continue.

This usually involves the add on players being deleted and on the last attempt frost was also deleted and it tells me this is your 1st time fighting online etc etc,ive even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it as advised and this does nothing,seems the last update has damaged my game some how as worked fine before this and my console hasnt vrashed or was turned off during game play so i cant see how its been damaged,just gonna uninstall all the games on the drive now and move to ps4,this sucks so bad

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