Past and future Updates.
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Past and future Updates.
03/25/2021 03:33 PM EDT
03/26/2021 08:12 PM EDT

An Update bout a year ago Fixed Fujins Infinate but made it so we can't connect a f2 a b2 or a f3 out of his db4 ruining his best combo string.

Also there was a good combo string with Raiden's Teleport that was Removed so it does'nt connect anymore and totally messed up his flow.

I also think Shao Kahn's Merciless Spear should be able to be Amped so it Reset's Airborn Opponents onto their Feet Without knocking them down. In online VS Modes.

We should be able to Kombo into and out of sheeva's Amped Tremor whether its far Away with a dash projectile dash into a combo starter or close straight into a dash or flip air hit combo starter.

TBH I Think Almost every Roster Character Could use Minor Fixes and Balances. You could do all this in one patch and Call It The Fundamental Kombat Update Maybe Fix a Few World Frame Trapping Bugs with all around Characters aswell as maybe an Extra Input frame for Special Cancels out of things like Kung Laos spin from the Kung Tang Combo along with an Extra Falling Motion Frame to fit a Spiritual Guidance in alot smoother out of kung tang if you chose to go that way instead.

Same With Sheeva's Heir To The Throne and Queen Of The Shokan combos. So you can either input 3 of the hits canceled into a Shokan Snag or Something and then have another Option to input all four hits of the combo into a Special Canceled Amped Dragon Charge for more combo Variety Mid Fight you know how Beautiful this would be.

This should all be Corrected in a Patch Update.

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