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New Guest Characters
03/06/2019 08:46 PM EST

Pretty sure this has already been brought up multiple times, but can't help thinking about alternative characters that could join the MK universe for MK11.

I vote Guts from Berserk as a potential. If you haven't seen any of the Berserk series you should check him out. I think a move list built around him along with fatalities etc... Would fit nicely!

Again this has probably been brought up before, if it has I'm shedding light on the subject again.

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RE: New Guest Characters
12/24/2021 12:50 AM EST

A surprisingly good fit (however unlikely) would be Talion from the Middle Earth games. He already has some plenty gory executions against uruks, which could easily be adapted into brutalities, and he could definitely work with some fatalities, such as freezing his opponent and then bursting them to shards with Celebrimbor's hammer, or a really creative shadow strike could work. Or he could summon some caragors to gore the opponent to death. Either that or some branded uruks and an olog (or tarkatans and a shokan if you wanna be particular about circumstances) (finisher name: "For the Bright Lord!"). Maybe another where he leaps off of the opponent and then eagle sights to pelt them with some arrows, pinning them along the way, runs in to cut their arms off, manifests his glaive and then cuts them in half, then he impales the torso with the glaive. Or maybe just hit them with an elven wrath and turn them into an arrow pincushion. Lots of possibilities.
Some victory poses could include branding the opponent like a captain, teleporting onto a haedir overlooking his Outworld army, Or it could then show him taking their head and throwing it out of a fortress like when you throw out a warchief's head after capturing a fortress.

But most of all, he would have tons of dialogue potential.

He and Scorpion share a lot of commonalities in their backstories, practically the same one, actually.
Scorpion: "Did you get your revenge against your family's murderers?"
Talion: "I have."
Scorpion: "Then your vengeance has been satisfied."

Shao Kahn will be pissed once he hears that he's been branding his warriors.
Shao Kahn: "So you're the one who's been dominating my warriors."
Talion: "Outworld belongs to the Bright Lord!"
Shao Kahn: "Not while I draw breath!"

D'vorah might bring back some bad memories.
Talion: "First Shelob, now this?"
D'vorah: "Does this one elicit repulsion in you?"
Talion: "At least Shelob could look pretty."

Naturally, Geras would get some dialogue about their mutual inability to stay dead.
Geras: "I've killed you [large number] times."
Talion: "I've killed you twice as many."
Geras: "Let's make this [large number+1]."

His ending could involve him thinking about going back in time to stop Sauron in the past, and/or to save Celebrimbor to stop Sauron in the past. But then he sees the reign of the Bright Lord Celebrimbor's tyranny, and instead finds himself choosing between conquering Mordor or saving his family. He then chooses his family, forsaking the ring with the help of Raiden and Fujin, and leaving it in their care. Then the camera pans eerily upon the ring, as Raiden crackles with red lightning, after having killed his brother Fujin for it.

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