My Upcoming MK Project
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My Upcoming MK Project
05/17/2021 09:58 PM EDT
05/17/2021 10:02 PM EDT

I've got a Epic Mortal Kombat Project I'll be Working on I've Been Thinking on this for Quite Some Time Now. I have Not Yet Started it because a Lack Of PC Hardware and Software/Scripts But I've Been Working Twice as Hard Doing Lawn Care To Get The Funds For This Idea/Project of Mine... I would Fill You all in but it's My Super Secret Love Child I Will be Starting and Prepping Soon to begin on this thing. I hope you will all like it I've Never Done This Kinda Stuff B4 but I know I got's Duh Skills for it. I will be Emailing it to Straight to NRS B4 Posting it or throwing it out into the Maine Public for the entire World to see maybe if they could have any Use of it or Just Have Around maybe Put it Into an Aracade Machine or Something and add it to their Arcade tearsinrain. But if not Ill still have fun building and playing it for the sake of my own Drive and Love For The Game Because I know I havnt Been So Nice Lately on Things that dont Please Me Personally and shouldnt have said but Like a Wise Elder God One Said I was wrong to doubt you. I too have been a slave to anger.” Once again I've never done something like this so there is no telling how long this will take me but I'll LYK when the time Has Come. This Project has a Code Name it's Code Named "MK Avenging Project".

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