Mortal kombat 11 - Pros & Cons (Competitive)...
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Mortal kombat 11 - Pros & Cons (Competitive)...
07/16/2020 06:42 AM EDT
07/16/2020 07:44 AM EDT

My take towards the game:


+ Neutrals - Potential to outplay your opponents, with ranged pokes & spacing. Its just as simple as that.

+ Wavedash - They gave it to the right characters to give them opportunities on correcting their spacing and to help with rushdown. Someone in that studio is a MK9 and tekken fan for sure.

+ Meter - The best thing about this game in my opinion. Zoners don't build meter easily on chip like the previous games. I love this feature cuz its forces players with different playstyles to use their resource wisely.

+ Hop - Very resourceful for jumping over lows projectiles and predictable sweeps. Hop Krushing blows should be universal on counter punishing unsafe attacks, but its dedicated to a few characters.

+Amplify - It makes things so much easier to execute and extend combos.



Hitbox issues - Female, hopping some sweeps, hitbox region issues that are not fixed, that is ruining the standards of the game.....AGAIN

Fatal blows - Armor......No fighting game should have armor unless its dedicated to a certain characters playstyle

-Breakaway - They should of added the combo breaker system from MKvsDC

-Throws - They are strong 50/50's. You can grab players during D1's and D4's. When you tech your opponent your still in 0 frame disadvantage which is unrewarded, where as some character can smoke you with a krushing blow when they get rewarded.

Frame data - Most normals and strings are on average -4 to -8. Frames dont matter much in this game, which gives the opponents a 2nd chance to D2 you for trying to punish them or take advantage of the staggers.

Balance - Most of the roster is on average A to S tier which makes the opposition of the game gimmicky with, staggers,mids, mid command throws, zoning, 50's and multiple air options to win. Example (Jax = F33, F33 F33, mixup/ Liu Kang = 12 12 12 F4 F4 Mixup, Kotal, 122, 122, 12, [mid CMD throw], F24, F24 / Sonya =BF1 BF1 BF1 B1 into low or overhead[MIXUP].Kung lao = jump back, jump back, Dive kick to punish etc. The whole roster has gimmicks, not just these characters. This is not skill. This is jesus holding your hand. There;s no challenge and most of the move list is not viable if each character has 1-3 gimmicks they can reuse.

Anti air & air options - are near enough impossible to counter punish like, D'vorah jp1, kabal kp2, johnny cages & shang tsung jp3 and air options are too much open for characters like kung lao, jade etc to control the possession of neutral ground players like me.

-Flawless block - What is the point of parries if flawless blocking is in the game? You can do some dirty shit with that stuff too. Example what I usually do with Shao kahn is 212 (-5) then flawless block afterwards to steal my turn back. Its dirty. I recommend throwing it away and giving the roster normal grab parries, using flip stance, to make it unsafe to steal turns.

Wakeup options - Way too much options on knock down. 1 bar of meter to do a back and forward roll, wakeup attack, up1 and 3, NJP. Its too much reward for the player thats in a disadvantage state.



-/+ Krushing blows - I love the krushing blows in the game..IF its rightfully rewarded, like counter punishing unsafe strings or specials, used in a long combo ender. But if its used for 50/50 throws, easy executions or mixups, how is it fair?



The game has potential, which makes you go back and play time to time, but it has too many flaws. Just like the previous MK and Injustice titles. This is why I don't want NRS to make another fighting game or carry the franchise no more, cuz theyre not getting the memo on somethings that are right and wrong. MK9 was close to being a masterpiece. If it had this much current support with balance and threw away the invincible wakeup system, it would've been a masterpiece. But it slowly went downhill when Injustice 1 started.

Casual aspect of the game coming soon...

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