MK11 Beta Testing Update to improve Online Multiplayer Mechanics fan Idea's
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MK11 Beta Testing Update to improve Online Multiplayer Mechanics fan Idea's
04/07/2021 04:47 PM EDT
04/08/2021 10:11 AM EDT

This Thread Will be For People Here to Give FeedBack on Character's Movesets and all around Fight Mechanics. So we can all Know what one another Think about how the Game Plays as is and what should and Shouldnt Be added or Taken away. I've also made this thread in hopes of a beta Testing Update For Some New Ingame Things Maybe Some New Stages or maybe a New Game Mode Like Online Tag VS. Stuff like This I'd Love to Hear some Ideas.

I Think That Everything works Pretty well but the wakups are Broken but if an opponent can spam their way through and out of your wakup attacks it needs to be fixed. If this were added it would send the Game So Far Forward on where the game should be...It is a Game Changer and Very Simple We Need a Meterless wakup uppercut or maybe a Special Wakup If it's an Amped Special Wakup it Will Burn Meter. I just Dont Find being Frame Locked on almost all my Wakup's a fair Fight. Then using meter for an invincable wakup that doesnt work over the top. I could see if it were blocked or they were out of range but for them to break my wakeup with poke spam like this is what the wakups are for to begin with I dont understand how they can poke there way threw my Invincable wakup's when I have more then half my Health.

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