The last show was even more intense this time around, with a new champion being crowned and taking the #1 spot for himself. Sharkb1te74 cashed in a massive 21 win streak on our Fatal Friday show, until finally being defeated by the previous champion, and now #2 spot, PaPaHeavy420. Take a look at the current leaderboard below to see these standings for yourself!

Joining me on the last program was another fantastic and well known celebrity YouTuber, BruskPoet, who was also witness to all of the hype that happened. With these two highly skilled players developing a rivalry at an extremely fast rate, one could only imagine what will happen on the next episode? Stay tuned, because we're going to announce our guest host in a few more days for the next episode! If you want to see the whole recap from our last show, you can watch it live right here: