Fashion Show Xbox Club Event. Top Prize $25 Xbox Gift card.
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Fashion Show Xbox Club Event. Top Prize $25 Xbox Gift card.
03/28/2021 03:25 PM EDT
04/01/2021 11:18 PM EDT


This is canceled it cant Happen now I have t o Wait till march 4th im sorry for the Mis-Hap.

Cuz I got Suspended for No Reason. The Bot on Xbox LFG Doesnt know English and Thinks Perfectly Okay Words Are Profanity so it suspended my account cuz I tried to post my event. This is exactly what i typed.

""NetherRealm Studios Fan Klub" is Hosting a Club Exclusive Fasion Show Event. Top Prize is a $25 Xbox Gift Card. If you want to Sign up Join our Club and Leave a Comment on the Event Feed."

After trying to post this Several times i got suspended... Im sorry... Nothing works any more you cant even keep your email adrress any more without a cell phone... Do you know how many email addresses ive gone threw and how many decades of game progress ive lost to this new age crap that doesnt make sense. Like why can't they ask me who my favorite Historical Character is anymore to reset my Password. I Could Cry and I am Pretty sure I have. I Hate To Say but i think ill be Giving up gaming Very Soon Nothing Makes Sense anymore. I've Never smashed a Controller B4 but This Took it right out of my hands threw the 40 inch.


MORTAL KOMBAT Fasion Show Xbox Club Event. Winner Gets a $25 Gift Card. This is a Club Exclusive Event for Members of The "NetherRealm Studious Fan Klub" if you would like to join send me a message on Xbox One My GT is NorthenKnick. Prizes Will Grow More Handsome as the event Roster Grows Bigger.

The Event Will Start at 5:00 EST April 1st For Realsies.

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