Are all WB and DC Products going to be worth more $$$ Now?
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Are all WB and DC Products going to be worth more $$$ Now?
05/22/2021 04:21 PM EDT
05/24/2021 05:39 PM EDT

I Sure Hope WB Keeps all DC assets but if they need to sell off DC, or even that WB has hit this wall, will it make all of the DC Collectibles be worth More Cash?

I Just Bought 3 old time DC Collection Item's Boxes and all Mint To add to my Massive Figure Collection.

Golden Age Wonder Woman Circa 1942.

Golden Age Batman and Robin Circa 1950.

Last Item of the Day Modern Era Robin 1996.

I Was at a Local Antique Store Called The Big Red Barn They Were all Individually Priced. The Batman and Robin was priced at $51.00 The Wonder Woman was Set Priced for $40.00 and the Robin was at a low $30.00. I ended up Haggeling and Talked The Cashier Lady Down to $60.00 For it all 😂. I Knew it was all Mine as soon as I seen it lol. There was some Very Nice Near Mint Antique Star Wars Collectibles but were all Over Priced :(. I Absolutely Love Thrifting for Collectibles and Had a Grand Ole Time Scoring these Today.

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