In the immortal words of Christophe Lambert's Raiden: "The essence of Mortal Kombat is not about death - but life". A new sense of brotherhood has swept over Mortal Kombat 11 with the free release of Friendships. These festive finishers offer 30 seconds of kinship, but one of them demands a more epic presentation, which NetherRealm Studios has has provided. Watch:

Watch: 11 Hr Epic Jax Guy | 10hr Epic Sax Guy | SunStroke Project - Run Away

Why 11 hours of "Epic Jax Guy"? Some might argue the unique resonance of the saxophone is justification enough. A woodwind instrument, if played just right - with the appropriate octave, uniquely tuned to speak to the very soul. A truth unto itself, but not the inspiration behind this particular meme.

Its deepest origins are appropriately military in nature, but it wasn't the product of US Special Forces developing cybernetic enhancements. It all began one fateful day in Moldova, when a soldier on field exercise suffered heat stroke. Inspired by the experience, Anton Ragoza and Sergey Stepanov formed a band called SunStroke Project.

The group would go on to represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest: an annual event that invites the nations of Europe to participate in a three night competition filled with singing, spectacle, and 10-15 minutes of public voting. Competition rules dictate that song entries are roughly 3 minutes, but it only took 15 seconds for Sergey Stepanov to achieve internet immortality.

His saxually charged performance during "Run Away" was an immediate shock to the system for any one watching the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest live. White rimmed sunglasses and intense pelvic thrusting soon led a YouTube uploader to repeat the isolated section for 10 hours, dubbing him the viral "Epic Sax Guy" embraced by the world.

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Watch the looped Jax tribute in the embedded video above, and use the links to load the original clips that inspired the finisher. Friendships are part of the latest free update to MK11 and can be performed right now. Did you know the story behind Epic Jax Guy? Tell us about your favourite friendship in the comments below and discuss more on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!