The first episode of The Science of Mortal Kombat tackled the shattering cold of Sub-Zero and its deadly effects. In Episode 2, they're exploring Skarlet and science of making hard blood spikes. Watch:

The team from Nerdist's Because Science are working out the practicality of turning an opponent's blood into a deadly weapon. They're measuring the volumes of fluid available and the likelihood of spearing flesh with Skarlet's bloody spikes!

Skarlet is one of the exciting returning characters in Mortal Kombat 11! You can check out her new blood moves in the MK11 Fatality Trailer and Gameplay Reveal Trailer! Next time: The Science of MK will return to Sub-Zero to examine the plausibility of making an ice axe! Place your bets and join the discussion on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!