Ron Perlman's Birthday
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Ron Perlman's Birthday Birthdays

Celebrating the birthday of the voice actor who played Stryker in Defenders of the Realm!

Born April 11th, 1950: actor Ron Perlman is an icon of film and television well known for genre blockbusters like Alien: Resurrection, Blade II, Hellboy, and TV's Beauty and the Beast. His extensive credits as a voice actor include DC villains Clayface and Deathstroke. In 1996 he provided the voice of Kurtis Stryker in Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm. Join us in wishing him a very happy birthday!

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RE: Ron Perlman's Birthday
04/12/2021 11:09 AM EDT

Can I get an unga bunga!

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RE: Ron Perlman's Birthday
03/14/2022 01:18 PM EDT
03/14/2022 01:24 PM EDT

Scorpion admirers. You may like he was in Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption. Out of his catalogue of movie appearances, I had a liking for his role as Horus the King of Mesopotamia (call me small-minded). Different cultures though when comparing Hanzo Hasashi's story to this film though.

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