The sun is shining, but the ice is always slippery when Sub-Zero slides into the fighting arena! The beloved icon of the series will once again leap out of the hit 2011 reboot Mortal Kombat, turning collectible shelves into an icey tundra of fully sculpted eye candy!

The Lin Kuei warrior is the latest 1:4 scale statue to join Pop Culture Shock's exclusive pre-order catalogue of high quality collectibles! Projected for a Q3 2014 shipping date: Sub-Zero is available for pre-order (starting Jan. 6) in two chilling designs. Click the thumbnails [below] to take a closer look at what's in store!

As winter rages outside, PCSC announces a new collectible certain to cool temperatures even further...presenting a 1/4th scale statue of Sub-Zero as he appears in Mortal Kombat [2011].

“[Sub-Zero] is not only a fan favorite, he’s a personal favorite” said Jerry Macaluso, President of Pop Culture Shock, “ Given how well the previous versions of him have sold, we anticipate the MK9 version to sell out quickly.”

As is the standard for all PCS collectibles, this 1/4th statue features intricate sculpted details, sure to inspire a fatality. Thanks to fan demand, the standard edition will be available at all regular retail channels. In addition, an exclusive version will be available ONLY via PCSC’s website. The exclusive includes 2 extra heads as well as an Ice Sword and Ice Blast interchangeable accessories.

Mortal Kombat SUB-ZERO 1:4 Scale Statue
● Manufactured by Pop Culture Shock Collectible
● Price: $ 360.00 USD
● Edition Size: 400 pieces
● Approx. 17.5" tall
● Est. Ship Date: 3rd Qtr 2014
● Includes Certificate of Authenticity
● Features an alternative interchangeable head sculpt
● Available to order from finer specialty retailers worldwide

Mortal Kombat SUB-ZERO 1:4 Scale Statue, ICE BLAST PCSC Exclusive
● Manufactured by Pop Culture Shock Collectible
● Includes an alternative head sculpt and interchangeable arms/weapons (Ice Sword and Ice Blast)
● Price: $ 370.00 USD
● Strictly limited to 250 pieces
● Approx. 17.5" tall
● Est. Ship Date: 3rd Qtr 2014

Sub-Zero has already proved to be a popular choice among Mortal Kombat collectible enthusiasts! Pop Culture's life-sized Sub-Zero bust sent a chill down spines, earning the #1 spot on Mortal Kombat Online's Top 10 2012 gift ideas [full story]! Klassic Sub-Zero inspired by Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was also a hit, with features endorsed by Mortal Kombat Online!

The contemporary Sub-Zero statue joins a tournament of 1:4 scale characters, including: Scorpion, Kitana & Prince Goro! Discuss these items and more in the Media & Merchandise forum!