MTV have an exclusive preview of this Wednesday's print edition of Mortal Kombat X #1 from DC Comics!

With a US retail price of $3.99, the print version is solicited at a hefty 40 pages. The MTV preview is a fine illustration of the substantial format differences between digital and print - the latter encompassing three of the digital chapters [99c each].

Questions of medium and format weighed heavily when Mortal Kombat Online took a critical look at Chapter One.

The story follows Kenshi and his son Takeda as they go on the run from Hsu Hao and the forces of the Red Dragon Clan. Alluding to untold tales, Kenshi seeks the refuge of Scorpion and his new Shirai Ryu Temple. Also featured in the issue: Sub-Zero, Kano and the curse of the kamidogu!

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Characters introduced in the comics look set for bigger and better things. Scorpion and Takeda are among the cast of characters heading to an all new live-action webseries, if reports of a LA casting call are believed.

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