Despite its robust story mode; Mortal Kombat X leaves many stones unturned across its 25 year saga of war and redemption! Fortunately, DC Comics continues to fill in the gaps with its top selling digital and print serials. 13th Dimension has an illuminating preview for Mortal Kombat X #6 - where Sub-Zero is dealing with one of his secrets.

Sub-Zero's transformation into a Lin Kuei cyborg was one of the bombshells of the new timeline introduced in Mortal Kombat (2011)! Restored by Raiden during the plot of the game: the man named Kuai Liang is clearly haunted by the memory of his experiences. Sub-Zero endured cybernetic conversion, to being reborn in the Netherrealm as a human revenant under the control of Quan Chi! Finally his secret origin can be told!

Mortal Kombat X #6 goes on sale in all good comic stores Wednesday, May 13th! Note: The print edition contains digital chapters 16-18, written by Shawn Kittelsen and drawn by Daniel Sampere. The cover by Stephen Segovia & Rod Reis features Kotal Kahn and his loyal followers.

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