There can be only one -fake-
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There can be only one -fake-
Mortal Kombat 11 guest fighter Shredder crosses dimensions to confront a mysterious figure who he thinks is an impostor. Little does he know this is the uber Sub Zero from the MKD timeline.
03/07/2019 03:18 PM EST
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RE: There can be only one -fake-
03/09/2019 07:41 AM EST

The ice on Shredder's feet was very well done, but the effects coming from Sub-Zero's hands are.... eh... weird. It looks more like smoke or mist than somebody throwing "liquid ice" or whatever it's called.

I barely noticed Raphael, and wish you would have picked a non Michael Bay design.

I like the idea since everyone called MKD Sub-Zero a Shredder knock-off, but let's be honest.... Kahn has more in common with Shredder and would have been better suited for this fake considering the Technodrome is attacking Kahn's Tower and not the Lin Kuei temple.

Shredder looks cartoonie compared to the ninja turtle, and Sub-zero looks way to 3D.

No shadows this time?

Sorry.......... the nerd in me went nit-picky....

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RE: There can be only one -fake-
03/09/2019 03:21 PM EST

Thanks for the critique - you bring up a lot of good points. I had a hard time creating the ice stream effects and didn't want to plop in a stock one from the game if it didn't have the "diminishing" look. I was just going with the grittier turtle design to match the stage aesthetic. I'm not a fan of the Michael Bay movies either. And you're right the Shredder and Sub Zero sprites don't mesh too well. Should've spent more time on this one.

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