Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy. -fake-
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Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy. -fake-
Nimbus who? Meet Johnny Lawrence, Cobra Kai dojo master and sensei, an all around karate badass. While looking to settle an old score with his arch rival Daniel Larusso aka The Karate Kid, Johnny stumbles upon a portal in downtown Reseda California, transporting him to another dimension. Here in this new Earthrealm, Johnny vows that he will never take another illegal crane kick to the face.
06/04/2019 03:39 AM EDT
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RE: Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy. -fake-
06/05/2019 05:15 PM EDT
06/05/2019 05:18 PM EDT

Was always a fan of Karate Kid. Happy to see this fake. The pose of Kano's sprite is excellent and I like the Kreese "cameo."

The fire effects are magnificent and so does Johnny's clothing. Very realistic looking. Unfortunately it makes Kano look like crap. I would have touched up his sprite just so he doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

There are, however, some things that bother me.

1. The shadows are cast on the wrong side (the moon is behind them)

2. The name text for Johnny doesn't match Kano. This is an easy fix.

3. Kreese's sprite is too large

4. Johnny's Standing leg is turning the wrong way. It's not pivoted like a human's leg would be.

5. The skin tones on Johnny's sprite don't match at all.

6. Johnny's face is smushed.

7. Your pit platform h as two different shades (the farthest right is the darkest).

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RE: Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy. -fake-
06/05/2019 09:43 PM EDT

Thanks for the critique. I was hoping no one would notice some of these blemishes and was kicking myself in the ass after submission and noticing them later. Have you been watching the new Cobra Kai series? So good

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