Mortal Kombat Free-For-All
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Mortal Kombat Free-For-All
This should be a 4-player versus game of Mortal Kombat in 3D fighting style
06/10/2019 02:40 PM EDT
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RE: Mortal Kombat Free-For-All
06/10/2019 06:07 PM EDT

So you're using 2D sprites to illustrate the concept of a 3D Game? I'm not following...

MK Project (made with MUGEN) allows for a simultaneous 2vs2 match... it's just 2D.

A 3D version would be a nightmare considering the requirements behind the camera's POV.... at that point you may as well just make it a third person beat 'em up action game.

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RE: Mortal Kombat Free-For-All
06/10/2019 09:34 PM EDT
06/26/2019 02:07 AM EDT

No no no no. I’m not making a MUGEN game, you got it all wrong. It’s suppose to be a 4-player battle royals game for the next Mortal Kombat game(hopefully someday it can be in the future). But yeah, a beat em up game? Not bad to come up with that! Eureka!

You wanna be friends? Let’s be friends! Wanna help me with this stuff? Come join me! Wanna make a group? Let’s build one! Wanna make Mortal Kombat games great again? Let’s make it great again! You and could make sprites describing the new game for any. Now let’s see what you got in mind. I wanna see if you got any other great and perfect ideas! Let’s begin!

And no 2d stuff in this Free-For-All game.

And I can’t make an MK MUGEN game because I don’t know how to do it.

And I want to become a BlackSaibot member

Please refrain from posting multiple consecutive posts to threads. 06/26/2019 02:08 AM EDT
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