MK1 Santa battle!?
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MK1 Santa battle!?
I was at my local bowling alley with a few buddies and lo and behold there at the arcade was an original MK1 machine just begging me to play a few rounds. So I get to the Pit stage and Santa's silhouette flies across the moon and I thought, "this is my chance to finally face Reptile legit". To my complete disbelief I perform against Sub Zero a double flawless with no blocks and fatality and BAM! It's start snowing on the arena and Santa comes flying in with this sleigh...
05/04/2022 01:11 PM EDT
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RE: MK1 Santa battle!?
05/04/2022 08:57 PM EDT
05/05/2022 12:22 AM EDT

Oh My!! Totally Got Me Till I Seen Fan Kreations!! So Kool I Kould Totally See This as a Thing. 5/5 EXCELLENT!! MAY The 4th Be With You!!

This Kind of artwork Really Intrigues me. I've Wanted To Create a MUGEN so Badly for so Long But I Cant Ever Seem To Find The Time But This Kind of Artwork Gives Me My MUGEN Fix I Can Never Seem to Find. So I Want To Thank You From The Bottom of My Heart. These Pieces Of Artwork That So Many of You Guy's N Gal's Create with so much Skill and Dedication Really Help's Me Get Through My Day With a Smile on My Face!! This Particular Piece really Hit's Home in a Sensitive Part of My Heart. It's Beautiful.

I Dont want to go into elaborate detail but I Have a Person in My Life That I've Held Dear to my Heart That Made art on a wall of mine as a child and he drew Santa in a Tank and it was Something that really took my breath away at a young age.

🙃1 8x101
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RE: MK1 Santa battle!?
05/05/2022 02:05 PM EDT

What a great comment, thanks for sharing. I keep coming back to the original trilogy because that era is so inspirational and nostalgic, the golden age before the internet and high end graphics in the home. Anyways here is the raw fake for anyone interested:

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