Kung Lao design idea
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Kung Lao design idea
Just a quick drawing of Kung Lao. I tried to put lots of familiar elements in here while making the look a little bit different.
05/13/2021 11:01 AM EDT
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RE: Kung Lao design idea
05/15/2021 03:03 PM EDT
05/15/2021 03:37 PM EDT

If he doesn't have them in this (as I can't really tell), he should have bandage padding on the palms to stop him from wounding the inner surface of the hands, from the bladed hat. Never seen him with these, even in MK2, MKX or MK11 (defaults).

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RE: Kung Lao design idea
05/18/2021 02:32 PM EDT

I tired to make a little pad between his thumb and index finger, which would stop the hat and also help keep his wrist guards in place. It came out a bit muddy though. But I figured if I tried to sharpen it up too much I might keep making changes and never end up submitting the thing :p

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