Dancing Ghost (Character idea)
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Dancing Ghost (Character idea)
03/18/2021 10:47 PM EDT
03/19/2021 02:07 PM EDT

Real Name: Wesley Grubberg aka the Alter Ego of Dancing Ghost acts like he hates his superhero counterpart.

State: Ohio

Home realm: Dancing Realm

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 140lbs.

Eyes: Dark chocolate

Hair color: Darkish Brown

Skin color: Pinkish

Body type: Natural Skinny.

Clothes he wears:

He wears Oakley OVERTHETOP sunglasses, Rough looking leather jacket, Red T-Shirt, Black jeans with knee holes in them, has dada shoes with spinners. His gloves are like Gambit's Gloves from the 1990's X-Men Animated Series.

Personality: INFJ, Creative, Sly, Stubbornness (cause it runs deep in both of his parents family.), Funny, Witty, Caring, Loving, Kid at heart, Gentleman, and prankster.

Dislikes: Hurting people, Heights, Snakes, Bugs, Spiders, Cheaters, Bullies, and deep bodies of water.

Likes: Being with family and friends, writing songs, writing stories, play video games, play board games, card games, putting a puzzle together, & learning about different dances.

Life Goals:

  • Find a Soulmate
  • Learn all the Dances around the world. From street dances to Barn dances to Ballroom to Folk Dances.
  • To become the owner of the biggest Theme park and the most known Wrestling Federation ever created.
  • To create the best video game ever!
  • I wish I could find a permanent Dance Partner!
  • Superpowers: Teleportation, Appendage Manipulation, Shape Shifting, Invisibility, Danger sense, Intangibility, Duplication & Magnetism Manipulation.


    Noogies of Doom: Get your opponent in a side headlock. Give him/her 8 noogies and smashed their face into your knee.

    Waltz Dip backbreaker: Get your opponent and dance the waltz with him/her and do the dip. Then transform the dip into a backbreaker.

    Facing down moves: Get on your opponent's back do the Cha-cha dance or Salsa dance or Irish folk dance.

    His Quotes:

    • I'm not a Hillbilly or a Redneck. I'm both. That makes me a Hick.
    • I'm just average-looking.
    • I'm not a Calasa.
    • I hate Remabo creators in Hollywood.
    • I'm not a Naruke.
    • I'm not a Hinakura.
    • I hate the Sounalists.
    • Less I'm not an Unather.
    • I'm not into Aunthers.
    • Have you been in a Fooma mood before?
    • I have a game night at one of my Firousins' houses.
    • I used to hate being called Sticks but now I called it Skinny Sexy now.

    The words and their definitions ( What he wants it to be ) :

  • Calasa means that someone that can't handle what they disk out.
  • Naruke means someone who married their stalker.
  • Hinakura means someone that couldn’t get over their school crush.
  • Remabo: It's adjective by describing someone who has money but no creative bone in his or her body. It also means that the person is only good for remaking or Reboot classic movies or T.V. Shows that shouldn't be touch.
  • Sounalist: Is a person that they think is a Journalist but only goes by their emotions, not by facts.
  • Sistusin: is your female cousin their parents adopted you.
  • Brousin: is your male cousin whose parents adopted you.
  • Fathecle: is an uncle who adopted his niece or nephew after their parents died or they didn’t want them.
  • Mothent: is an aunt who adopted her nephew or niece after his or her parents died or not wanted.
  • Wiusin means someone married her first male cousin.
  • Husbusin means someone married his first female cousin.
  • Unather: Brother who accidentally married his own blood sister.
  • Aunther: Sister who accidentally married her own blood brother.
  • Yeg: means the day before yesterday.
  • Katken: means someone hates the original fanbase of a movie or Show franchise.
  • Fooma: the lack of desire to do anything for hours after eating too much food.
  • Hick: means a person that was born into both Hillbilly and Redneck families.
  • Firousin means First Cousin.
  • His archfoe is the Football players and other sports athletes.

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