In recent times we've been conditioned to expect Mortal Kombat to occur every four years. Over the past few terms, the political and military direction of Outworld has been a hugely significant topic with implications engaging all surrounding realms.

So it is that the enduring reign of Emperor Shao Kahn comes to an explosive end! His popular ascension was seen by some as an evolution of a new Outworld - one that would unite its many distinct cultures. He was a savior in the eyes of some, an unfulfilled promise in the eyes of others. His hands were tied as Outworld pushed to defeat Earthrealm in the Mortal Kombat tournament. When he attempted to force a conclusion by sending troops abroad, he only drew further criticism. He was a moderately divisive ruler, but one whose presence will loom large as Outworld moves forward into a new era of intense uncertainty! Mortal Kombat Online is covering the election as you vote for a new Outworld Emperor!

The two leading candidates to emerge from bitter primary skirmishes have proven to be some of the most polarizing in recent memory. As Mortal Kombat Online follows progress of the vote, we reflect on the distinct personalities involved, and the bizarre divisions that have emerged over the course of what has felt like a civil war.

Kotal Kahn's history really tells the story of his unique outlook on being Emperor. He was born to the conquering Osh-Tekk leader Kotal K'etz, but witnessed his realm's conquest at the hands of Shao Kahn at an early age. Per the traditions of his people, he was sent to Earthrealm to serve an apprenticeship under harsh conditions where he would have no social advantage. There he communed with the Mayan people of South America, serving his first position of power as their war god "Buluc". There was some measure of scandal, given his people died as a result of the ritualistic consumption of diseased Spanish hearts, but from this he learned valuable lessons in the sanctity of life. Although, his recent history of endorsing war with the Shokans has raised questions of consistency.

Mileena was literally handed her privilege. She was the synthesis of Tarkatan DNA and the Edenian genetics of Princess Kitana, created by Shang Tsung's dark magic in the Flesh Pits. As Shao Kahn's daughter she was quickly granted a position of assassin, which she served with Kitana. There has long been a strong belief that Mileena regarded her "sister" with resentment, and has conspired to assume her position, appropriating Kitana's triumphs as her own in the process. She gained some experience leading small armies for The Emperor, but her own successes are few and far between. Her career is plagued with defeats, deception, delusion, and self-serving erratic behavior known to have dire consequences for those around her.

Intriguingly, the pair have past associations as prominent figures within Outworld. Mileena made contributions to Kotal Kahn's early career in the Outworld political arena, but their opinions have obviously differed significantly even during this time.

The Campaign:
Kotal Kahn's plans for Outworld are primarily rooted in gentrification of the realm, greater domestic security, but also new outlooks for working with other domains, especially Earthrealm.

Some of his past meetings with Earthrealm have drawn suspicion and criticism from the wider public, some believing his use of a private Portal Stone to be part of a clandestine conspiracy. Kotal Kahn has adhered to Outworld tradition in an effort to earn the public trust, but his acceptance of a defeat at the hands of Earthrealm warrior Kung Jin has only raised questions of his stamina as a leader, and temperament in assessing foreign threats. An assassination attempt by Kano was easily dealt with, but his inclination to get involved with Eathrealm/Netherrealm conflict has been seen as an inconsistency in his attitudes.

Kotal Kahn has an impressive cabinet supporting him. D'Vorah is a Kytinn of rare loyalty, whose role as ministerial advisor makes her a compelling running mate. Kotal has the most diverse endorsements going into this election, garnering strong loyalty from an old hand like Reptile, but also fresher faces like Erron Black, Ferra and Torr. He's even managed to attract a major convert from the other side: Ermac!

Mileena has struggled to convey a consistent message for her plans as ruler of Outworld. She's primarily relied upon her existing public status within the kingdom, and her possession of a powerful amulet to bully belief in her power.

Some fear self-interest and narcissism are her guiding motivations. Inconsistency in her assertions and denials have been a serious credibility issue. Despite consistently denying associations with chaotic influences, she's been frequently seen with Reiko - a known agent of Havik. She's reportedly accepted aid from the Red Dragon clan. She's been seen violently turning on her own people, even kicking D'Vorah in the face after demanding she bow to her. Mileena was implicated in the assassination attempt on Kotal Kahn. Despite her many controversies, Mileena has found an army of like minded followers.

Mileena has struggle to form any kind of cohesive group around her. Several campaign managers have been dismissed, most prominently Reiko. Tanya has stepped up amidst the in-fighting to be the most convincing running mate. Baraka is steadfast in his support of Mileena, which could sway the all important Tarkatan vote, despite Mileena's arrogant and offensive attitudes to the group. Rain has been very wishy-washy and it seems Mileena doesn't even really want him around.

The Election:
Everything about the race for the Outworld Kahnum has made it completely unpredictable! It's too close to call at this stage, with preliminary polling suggesting high forties in the split, with a 3% margin for error.


- Kotal Kahn (46.8%)
- Mileena (53.1%)

Kotal Kahn appears to have overwhelming qualifications for the role, but he hasn't been able to convert that into firm trust. What Mileena lacks in qualification and stability, she seems to make up for in name and face recognition, and an uncanny ability to tap into the prejudices of those who cannot or will not accept an Osh-Tekk ruler.

Those opting for third-party or protest votes will probably play into the hands of the establishment movement that's getting behind Mileena. She may also benefit from those who've been unwilling to publicly endorse her, but see her establishment and power as an asset.

Update: Kotal Kahn may be a noble ruler who adheres to a strong warrior's code, but we've seen the constituency regularly reject that in favour of more familiar displays of power and aggression. Mileena kicked back against the moderates, edging out a close fought win against a rival who is arguably much more qualified. Some feel the power associated with ruling Outworld will ultimately destroy her. The fear - that she takes us all with her.

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