You saw him previously during the "It's Good To Be Bad" trailer. Now Dr. Jonathan Crane is making a house call to deliver a fresh dose of fear in the new Scarecrow trailer! Watch:

The spread of fear inducing toxins gives Scarecrow a unique perspective on the battlefield, embellishing his terror inspiring burlap visage with a hallucinatory nightmare! This meek psychiatrist becomes a scythe swinging executioner -- a twisted figure of horror rooted deep within the psyche of his every opponent!

The classic Batman villain is one of the intriguing new additions to the playable Injustice roster! He joins a cast that includes: Swamp Thing, Doctor Fate, Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd and more!

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Injustice 2 will seep into your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One starting May 16th. The psychological warfare will be waged across three versions with different bonus incentives. If you pre-ordered you'll receive a download code for playable Darkseid. If you didn't, everyone is going to laugh at you. You'll be the only one without him. No one will want to be your friend. They'll all see you're just a pathetic nerd. You'll be all alone!

Hey! I think you got a whiff of some of that fear gas, buddy. Don't worry! Register to post on the DC Universe Injustice forum and you can make friends and face your fears! It's like Arkham Asylum for gamers!