The release of Ultimate Edition last November may have signalled an apparent end to new content -- but Injustice: Gods Among Us is still finding fresh life on mobile platforms!

As reported by WasdUK; the Injustice App has added Darkseid to the playable roster in a new update! The villainous New God previously appeared in Injustice arena attacks, and as the boss of the 2008 NetherRealm made crossover: Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe [read more].

Darkseid joins the App [Source: AwkwardSloth]

Gameskinny reports the 1.8 upgrade also includes; Boss Solomon Grundy, Containment Suit Doomsday, #600 Anniversary Wonder Woman and a balancing patch to Scorpion.

Click the thumbnails for screenshots via Test Your Might & GameSkinny. Thanks to Mortal Kombat Online users Zmoke & Phantoms for contributing to the update. Discuss all things Gods Among Us on the DC Universe Injustice forum,